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“NOVOC exists to promote, assist and empower individuals and organisations involved with the care and support of orphans and vulnerable children so as to create and increase services and thereby improve their quality of life”.

We are a non-government, umbrella organisation based in Lilongwe. Our main roles are to:

  • network Orphaned and Vulnerable Children (OVCs) service providers, building their capacity, thus improving the quality of services to OVCs
  • lobby Government to better deal with OVC issues
  • more on our roles click here

Orphaned children can be found on the streets of major towns, cities and trading areas. Malawi has over 1 million orphans (UNICEF 2005) and faces a huge challenge responding to this increasing number of OVCs. The national response to OVCs is not adequate. As a nation, the cost of inaction and thoughtlessness today will be a great liability tomorrow. It is therefore important and urgent to ensure key stakeholders and players invest adequately in OVCs.

We aim to increase the quality and availability of services to OVCs country-wide. Together with international organisations, government and local charities, we are helping Malawian OVCs embark on a journey of healing and transformation that will change not only the course of their lives, but that of our nation. We want to ensure best practice OVC care across Malawi, so that the rest of the world aims to follow our example.

Please feel free to explore our website and learn more about us and how we help orphans and vulnerable children in Malawi.

Recent News

Second issue of NOVOC newsletter

Welcome to the second issue of NOVOC newsletter. This quarterly newsletter aims to build on this foundation with information, news, and views from the sub-network members and its NGO partners. We look forward to receiving your suggestions for future issues.


VSLA Helping Hand

Mrs. Lucia Mphunga (40 years) from Salima-Chitala CBO, she is a widow and is taking care of 3 orphans. Through VSLA she is paying school fees for her daughter Happy Magombo who is in form three; she has bought four goats and she hires other people to farm for her.


Economic empowerment of OVC in Salima and Chitipa

NOVOC is building the capacity of 10 CBOs to implement the Village Savings and Loans Association in Salima and Chitipa. Money provides caregivers with an opportunity to access income for meeting basic needs of food, medical care, shelter, scholastic materials for children.


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